Located just outside of Odessa, Washington, LimitBid Packing provides premium USDA processing to cattle producers throughout the region.


With the overall cost of doing business on the rise, we will be implementing a price increase beginning July 1, 2022. Prices can be found under the services tab. We apologize for any additional burden that this places on our loyal customers, but we need to ensure our economic viability to continue providing quality services to our region. We appreciate your understanding, and as always, please reach out to us with any questions.

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Keith Nantz and Miles Curtis

We’ve made breaking down your carcass easy.

As we continue doing our best to provide custom processing for a wide variety of clients we need to maintain our efficiencies. With an absorptive amount of time being spent tracking down cutting instructions we have added the following policy. We require that all cut sheets be provided to Limitbid packing within 72 hrs of your harvest date. We will provide hanging weights the day after harvest for you. If cutting instructions are not received within 72 hrs you will be assessed a $50/ head late fee.

Select Your Cuts With Our…


is an all bone in cut sheet with the only option in the loin section. This will be $1.05 lb price based on hot carcass weight. There will be no changes or special cuts considered with this cut sheet.

Standard cut sheetGRIND CUT SHEET

retail CUT SHEET

If you want additional cuts please refer to the RETAIL CUT SHEET which is priced at $1.25/lb on hot carcass weight.

Full grind will be $1.15/lb based on hot carcass weight.

The producer is responsible for all harvest and processing fees.

We require that all cut sheets be submitted within 72 hrs of drop off - $50 late fee/ head

BONE-IN cut sheetBONEless cut sheet
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