PAYMENT options

$115 / head harvesting fee is due upon confirmation to reserve your spot. **

Remainder of processing fees will be invoiced after slaughter and due Net 15 from invoice date.

Prices are subject to WA sales tax, UNLESS the producer has a tax-exempt form, on file with LimitBid, from Washington State.

* If finished product is not picked up 25 days after drop off.

* There will be no refunds of harvest fees if cancellation occurs within 30 days of drop off date.

additional fees

  • $25/ head/day storage fee*

  • $125/head over 1000# carcass weight

  • $700/ head minimum processing fee

  • $50 Bounced Check Fee

  • $195-$395 Label Set-up fee (if custom label is desired)


  • We process all payments online. You will be invoiced through email and can pay online.

  • You can pay with check/ cash at the plant

We’ve made breaking down your carcass easy.

Harvest Fee
Standard Cut/ Wrap
$1.05/lb HCW
Retail Cut/Wrap
$1.25/lb HCW
Call for Pricing
Grind Only
$1.15/ lb HCW
Overweight fee
$125 for over 1000# carcass*
Underweight Fee
$700/ head minimum charge*

*Overweight fee - If the animal's hanging weight is 1000# or over there is a fee of $125.00.

*Underweight fee - If your animal's processing fees are below $700, you will be charged at the minimum rate of $700.

Brand Inspection Fee: $100/load if not pre-inspected destined to Odessa. This refers to ALL CATTLE, branded or not.

Select PAYMENT DETAILS for additional payment information

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Select Your Cuts With Our…


is an all bone in cut sheet with the only option in the loin section. This will be $1.05/lb price based on hot carcass weight. There will be no changes or special cuts considered with this cut sheet.

Standard cut sheetGRIND CUT SHEET

retail CUT SHEET

If you want additional cuts please refer to the RETAIL CUT SHEET which is priced at $1.25/lb on hot carcass weight.

Full grind will be $1.15/lb based on hot carcass weight.

The producer is responsible for all harvest and processing fees.

We require that all cut sheets be submitted within 72 hrs of drop off - $50 late fee/ head

BONE-IN cut sheetBONELESS cut sheet