PICK UP Instructions

Our office will notify you when your product is ready to be picked up.

Carcass must be picked up within 25 days of drop-off date. An additional charge of $25/head/day will be assigned if the product is not picked up within the 25-day time frame.

Prior to PICK UP:

  • Cut/Wrap Fee must be paid in Full

Product unclaimed beyond 55 days, unless other arrangements have been made, will become LimitBid Packing’s property.


Drop Off Instructions

Drop off period is between 12 pm – 4 pm Monday – Thursday, unless prior arrangements have been made with plant manager.

LimitBid Packing genuinely cares about the animals in our care and takes every measure to treat them with respect. Low-stress livestock handling is an integral part of LimitBid’s production system. Keeping safety of the animals and the producers in mind, LimitBid requires that employees direct and unload the animals. Please remain in your vehicle while in the drop-off zone.

Prior to drop-off:

  • $125 / head harvest fee paid in full

  • Label created if necessary

  • Cut sheet has been filled out

Required at drop-off:

  • Brand Inspection with LimitBid, Odessa, WA as destination, EVEN IF NOT BRANDED! (If not pre-inspected, we will assess a $100 fee per load)

  • Washington State transport slip

  • Offal requested by customer?

  • Health Slip


Give LimitBid a phone call at 509-982-0043 to schedule a beef processing date.


Once scheduled fill out your cut sheet, found under the services tab, so that we have it before dropping off your animals, and then please review.


You will be emailed an invoice for processing fees once slaughter is completed,  and then called when your beef is ready!